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Contenu du kit "DIY (À faire soi-même)" :

  • Une toile de 50 cm de diamètre (20") pré-cloué
  • Une bande numérotée.
  • Une bobine de fil d'épaisseur optimale.
  • Un support en bois à roulement à billes pour la bobine.
  • Instructions et séquence de nombres à suivre selon le modèle choisi.
  • Un cadre circulaire en bois noir.

Contenu de "Œuvre terminée" :

  • La toile de 50 cm de diamètre (œuvre terminée).
  • Fait main en France.
  • Un cadre circulaire en bois noir.

Contenu du "Guide et séquence de nombres (PDF uniquement)" :

  • Guide pour la création.
  • Séquence de numéros à suivre selon le modèle choisi.
  • Vous aurez besoin de (non inclus) : Toile/Panneau d'au moins 50 cm (20"), 200 clous, environ 1 500 m de fil.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 17 reviews
      Scott Whitman
      Thank you

      I enjoyed every second of making my custom image personalized kit. It took a few min to get used to the finger dexterity required to string in the right spot with the right tension, it was smooth sailing and awsome to watch my image come Alive layer by layer . I loved this and will be ordering more kits in the future thanks for the forever memory for my girlfriends family , I made this for my mother in law , the image is her daughter who passed away from complications of MS 9 yrs ago.

      Fabulous idea with potential for improvement

      I have worked with nails and string before and just love the concept.
      Service was impeccable and fast, the pricing is very reasonable and the material provided is great overall, with just one exception: the plastic frane simply does not do it for me. An optional more classy wooden frame would be greatly appreciated.
      Still I give 5 stars since, of course, I can get a custom frame made elsewhere.

      Michael Smith
      Great company. Great product.

      I sent an image to Pilusion and got back a preview of what it should look like when completed. I ordered the number sequence only and received it the next day. I made my own frame with 200 nails and strung it. It came out just like their preview. To say I am pleased is an understatement. This is a good company with great people doing really cool stuff! Highly recommended.

      Joanne Brown
      Almost perfect

      Everything looks fine. The “almost” in the title is for packing. This should have been put in a box not mailed in its box. I was worried the frame would be damaged because the box was crushed a bit. Luckily it was ok. Overbox!

      Linda G.
      Pilusion personalized kit

      I made this Pilusion personalized kit for my church for the 200th anniversary. It now hangs in the church, and it looks great!

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